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CHL Localization - The Most promising subtitling company in India

aptioning or subtitling services are interchangeable jargons that incorporate textual versions of dialogues in any audio-visual format like films. It is an essential feature that allows you to read the transcript on the screen. Generally visible at bottom portion of screen, the subtitles are also sometimes loosely termed as storyline for any presentation. CHL Localization specializes in providing credible and reliable subtitling services depending on your requirement.

Whether you want to include subtitling of dialogues in same language or any other language, we offer you the best-in-class subtitling solutions with our customized translation and transcription services. The advent of technology and globalization is constantly paving ways for us to become a promising subtitling company India. Our services help the audiences in understanding dialogues regardless of their inability to hear or understand language.

The CHL Subtitling components

At CHL Localization, we aim to deliver perfection through professionalism. Being a renowned and responsible subtitling service provider, we focus on the following major components prior to undertaking any project:

  • Source script with time code: Most of the audio visuals, presentations or movies that require subtitling services are either available with source script or without source script. In case of non-availability of source script, we offer high-end transcription solutions for your film or presentation along with time code. This process involves the timed synchronization of voice-overs and dialogues with subtitling or new voice-over or dubbing.
  • Translation process: As a well-established subtitling company in India, we also offer further translation of the transcript that is readable within time code. We provide special instructions to our translation experts to ensure effective delivery of small and meaningful phrases that clearly indicate the end use.
  • Integrating subtitles: Another major component of our captioning services is the integration of translated text within the presentation of film aligned to the time code. This ensures appropriate synchronizing of the text with dialogues.

Multiple languages subtitling service provider

CHL Localization possesses adept expertise in delivering excellent subtitling services in practically all the European as well as Asian languages to cater to all your specific requirements. Our linguistic team comprises native language speakers who can provide accurate transcription and subtitling to your needs.